Drop Out, smoke crack, Get MBA (part of story ….finally getting back to it)

Welcome to my blog. This started as fb posts about 5 years ago and then I started to hear from fellow addicts and started this blog. thank you and please start with the first post and go in order if you can. written over a few days, then posted without edit. Living this way isContinue reading “Drop Out, smoke crack, Get MBA (part of story ….finally getting back to it)”

Function of Addiction / Great Quote I Heard

            “When you make certain lifestyle choices…” Lifestyle choice… Choosing to live a certain lifestyle. It’s the choice part… the choosing part that I am beginning to see as highlighted and something that should be really thought about when you’re an addict or alcoholic. There are choices that are made and even little thoughts and voicesContinue reading “Function of Addiction / Great Quote I Heard”

Drop Out, Smoke Crack, Get MBA…Four Years Without Alcohol

(written over several days  weeks… short bursts of writing) (not part of ongoing series) Four years! I’ve made it without a drink for four years!!!  I couldn’t make it past four hours, unless I was sleeping, before I finally decided that I had enough of that lifestyle. Now, I’m making it past yet another annual reminder. It feelsContinue reading “Drop Out, Smoke Crack, Get MBA…Four Years Without Alcohol”