Function of Addiction / Great Quote I Heard

            “When you make certain lifestyle choices…” Lifestyle choice… Choosing to live a certain lifestyle. It’s the choice part… the choosing part that I am beginning to see as highlighted and something that should be really thought about when you’re an addict or alcoholic. There are choices that are made and even little thoughts and voicesContinue reading “Function of Addiction / Great Quote I Heard”

becoming the one looking at me (not part of ongoing story… just a post)

            I can remember hiding behind my mother as a child, around the age of three or so and not wanting to talk to the strange adult that was trying to coax me with baby talk. My mother would make up some excuse I’m sure so that I wouldn’t seem rude, but this basic scenarioContinue reading “becoming the one looking at me (not part of ongoing story… just a post)”

Cheesecake Monkey and Houston Ice (not part of series)

            My addiction monkey found cheesecake… then he found out that there are amazing bakeries all over Houston that feature all kinds of cheesecake and other delicious things… cookies, tarts, holy fuck my addiction monkey went fucking crazy for a little while there. Calling my favorite spots… “What type of cheesecake do you have today?” oh….Continue reading “Cheesecake Monkey and Houston Ice (not part of series)”

Drop Out, Smoke Crack, Get MBA post 11, pt. 1 (Austin)

This is part of a series…it is suggested that you start with post 1 I always had a small notebook in my back pocket in order to write down jokes, but then I also began to write down things that weren’t jokes necessarily, but just my feelings in general. I would keep that notebook withContinue reading “Drop Out, Smoke Crack, Get MBA post 11, pt. 1 (Austin)”